Sakura Postcards


Photographs by Kate Bitner & Kumiko Saotome

The sakura define Japan, a fleeting wave of pastel pink and white that sweeps across the country every spring. They are a natural phenomenon celebrated with family and friends, offering those who view them the chance to embrace the transient beauty and power of nature. They're also an occurrence that inspired the Japan issue of Lodestars Anthology, if this extract from Liz's Editor's letter to go by ...

It was only when Maria Vazquez shared her images of the sakura that I began to question my hesitation. It wasn’t the blossoms’ pastel hues or transient symbolism that got to me - it was the sense of tranquility the photographs invoked. How could the country I believed to be the busiest on earth make me feel this calm? Was everybody actually on to something? I gave in, curiosity combating my foolishness. Japan would get an issue.

To celebrate the arrival of the 2017 sakuras we have shared the photos of two of the amazing Tokyo-based photographers (and writers) who contributed to the new issue - which you can purchase here. Embrace spring and wanderlust!