The Collective


As fans of travel, collaboration and fellow creatives we're thrilled to be taking part in The Collective Europe - a tech-free conference in Barcelona where editor Liz will discuss the joys and challenges that come with growing a business organically. We had a chat with event organiser Anique Coffee (who is clearly in possession of the best name in the business) about what inspired her to get The Collective off the ground and what guests can expect from October's inaugural event. If you'd like to get involved a few tickets are still available here - and the code LODESTAR20 will get you 20% off.

What can people expect from the event?

The Collective is a four day, retreat-style conference where creatives, entrepreneurs freelancers and innovative professionals of all kinds come to learn how to take their brand or company to the next level. 

The Collective is the first of its kind in Europe, unique and unlike any other professional conference or community you’ve been part of before. We engage and empower professionals in an interactive environment through collaborative and hands-on sessions, where knowledge is shared and inspiration is abundant. We aim to help attendees find their path and navigate their professional journey through unique seminars from experts in their field, hands-on creative workshops from artists and makers, and with innovative tools to bring professionals to the top of their game. Our members believe in community over competition, and lean on each other to get better and grow their businesses.

What inspired you to create The Collective? 

The Collective originated from the need for support and mentorship for the thriving and growing community of entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, creatives and startup lovers in Europe and around the world. Many times, these people work on small teams at small businesses or startups, or have no team at all and consider themselves solo entrepreneurs. So they are just that - solo, alone. Yet, they crave a community of like-minded professionals who provide support, mentorship and tools to help grow their businesses or provide inspiration. This same theme is the reason we see so many co-working and co-living events and businesses springing up all over the world: they are remote communities where people can go work amongst others and glean support and inspiration. We saw the need for this type of community for this audience, and also determined that there weren’t many options for in Europe, if any. 

Also, we wanted to provide an inspirational, professionally challenging, and semi-remote event for people to enjoy a tech-detox for the weekend. Upon arriving at The Collective, attendees will take their last selfie and turn in their phones to enjoy a weekend without technology, allowing them to disconnect in order to reconnect with themselves, each other, and nature. All this in an environment where community rules over competition and inspiration is abundant.
Can you tell us a bit about your own creative background?
I was born in the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but grew up in the United States in Florida. During college, I worked for the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Creative Services Department as a project manager, graphic designer and photographer. After college in Florida, I started a small corporate identity and branding firm, which is what ultimately took me to San Francisco in 2012. That company was sold and then for the past five plus years, I was living in San Francisco, pursuing a career in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Ventures with tech startups in Silicon Valley. After the iconic startup burnout, I looked for a new adventure, outside of the crazy commute and startup cubicle life. Now, I'm in Barcelona, solely focused on The Collective.
Why have you chosen to hold the even in Barcelona?
During my old life as a tech marketer, I traveled to Barcelona for the three consecutive years in October for a huge tech trade show called VMworld. I LOVED the city and always enjoyed my time here. Last October, I traveled to Europe on my first ever solo trip and stopped by Barcelona to visit some friends. This visit was different. I was at the height of my professional burn out and was extremely attracted to the slow paced lifestyle. Who doesn't want delicious coffee around every corner, Spanish wine, and siestas? But more than that, when you just scratch the surface, an entire world of creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses is exposed. The startup culture is still young here, and the entrepreneur mindset is still being fostered, but Barcelona is the perfect place for it. The weather is amazing and it attracts an incredible international community of people. What's not to like?
What makes The Collective different?
The Collective Europe offers small, interactive workshops where the workshop leaders are down on the same level as the attendees - there is no hierarchy in this way. Leaders are there to break down the attendees needs, share knowledge with immediate feedback, provide guidance and act as a mentor for attendees. The leaders are present during the entire conference and enjoying the conference as an attendee themselves when they are not teaching.
More to that point, a strong bond is created between everyone at the event. The main goal is to create a community that lasts far beyond the event. The semi-communal living, shared meals, shared experiences and remote aspect of the event creates a strong connection between each attendee, along with a sense of healthy vulnerability through this unique experience.
Have you been surprised by the level of support you've received? 
Yes and no. Yes, because this is a brand new concept in Europe. There is no other company doing this yet here, so its incredible to see the feedback from folks who are visiting our sites and buying tickets. In addition, this is a brand new company, logo, everything! So the brand awareness was non-existent when we started. Now, things are growing so quickly and its been surprising to see the interest and support we've received.  No, because we started this company to solve a problem, to serve a need, within this community. People were asking for an experience like this, different than any other professional conference, and craving a community of like-minded creatives and professionals. You asked, we listened.
Can you talk us through some of the workshops and events? 

We have speakers from all different backgrounds, industries and professions who share our ethos of community over competition and want to share their knowledge with others. They were all strategically chosen to provide our attendees with a well-rounded roster of speakers. 

The idea is that attendees can get a bit of everything; from Kendall Beveridge of Facebook, Product Marketing Extraordinaire with a deep knowledge of advertising due to her agency education and experience; to Matthew Manos, Founder of a socially-conscious, design agency, verynice, who can not only share stories about the startup life, but also share his model on how to give away half of your work for free to support nonprofits and more. 

We also have speakers who are sharing tips and tricks on how to implement a fruitful social media strategy (Teressa Foglia), how to document travel and turn your passion into a full time gig (Liz Schaffer of Lodestars Anthology), how to publicly speak about your brand with confidence (Jessica Leijgraaff) and charisma, how to create a brand that people love and feel connected to their experiences (not products) by Chupi, and more! 

Then, we have hands-on creative workshops from amazing artists and makers, including Earl of East London, brilliant candle makers with an interior home line, woodworking with Lindsey, and screen printing with Gillian Henderson of OhMyDays from Dublin. When your brain needs a break from the learning, you can opt for a hands-on workshop instead. During these sessions you'll get your hands dirty - you'll MAKE something tangible, but you'll also get to rub elbows with some amazing entrepreneurs and hear their start up stories. 

We are also offering morning yoga and meditation from an amazing Irish yoga instructor Liz Costigan and many, many more! You can check out all of our confirmed speakers on our Speaker page